Racist acts after Mexico’s match against Wales

Trials lost their first game in 2021, which is something they have little to learn to move forward, although that may not be as easy as it sounds. A few hours later, Wells denounced the racist acts after a match against Mexico, which will have to be investigated.

The Europeans beat Tre, 1-0.

The defeat was not good with the players and that was something that was noticed during the match, as there were often nudges and words between the contenders. They were acts that seemed to be part of the game, but everything indicates that they continued off the field.

The Welsh Football Association In a statement, (FAO) denounced racist acts after a match against Mexico on social media by the players of the national team. Although they did not specify which words these alleged “Tri” players used.

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They want the truth to be investigated.

“ Racism and all forms of discriminatory behavior are absolutely unacceptable Faw She totally condemns her. The Faw In an interview with the police Jalis From the south to ensure that this abhorrent behavior is reported and investigated.Expressed in the statement.

It is not known if these racist acts denounced by the Wales national team were during or after the match, although everything indicates that it may be part of these moves and words seen throughout the entire match in Cardiff.

There could be consequences for those involved.

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So far, Wales has denounced the racist acts after a match against Mexico, but FIFA has not made public the matter about a possible investigation, although everything indicates that this will happen.

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