Pandemic, climate crisis and employment on the G7 agenda

The leaders of the Group of Seven (the richest countries) will celebrate next week in Cornwall, southwest England, their first live summit in two years to tackle the post-pandemic recovery, climate crisis and job creation.

Between June 11 and 13, the leaders of the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Canada and Japan, along with the European Union, will meet near the town of St Ives amid tight security. .

It will also be the first international trip for US President Joe Biden, who will be received by Queen Elizabeth II on the 13th at Windsor Castle outside London.

Leaders will meet days after their finance ministers agreed in London on new rules of the game in global taxation, which are aimed at forcing large multinational companies, including digital giants, to pay taxes in the countries where they generate profits and not just where they get their material profits. headquarters.

Leaders from Australia, South Africa, the Republic of Korea and India will join the G7 next Saturday, either in person or online, to tackle the climate crisis.

Recovery after the pandemic

The agenda will highlight the global recovery after the crisis caused by the Covid-19 epidemic, which forced many countries to accumulate debt to avoid economic collapse, while strengthening health systems in order to protect the population and future epidemics will be addressed.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, as host of this meeting, will ask G7 leaders to make efforts to help vaccinate the entire world against the coronavirus by the end of 2022.

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According to government sources, Johnson sees the summit as a “critical opportunity” to draw on the experience of the world’s most influential democracies in overcoming the pandemic and promoting economic recovery.

“Next week, the leaders of the world’s largest democracies will gather at a historic moment for our economies and our planet. The world looks to us to confront the greatest challenge of the postwar era: defeating the virus and leading a global recovery through shared values,” Johnson said in a statement.

“I am asking my fellow G7 leaders to come together to end this terrible pandemic and promise that we will not allow the devastation caused by the coronavirus to happen again,” he said.

The UK has provided more than 500 million pounds (580 million euros) to the Covax Fund, which distributes covid-19 vaccines to underdeveloped countries.

A fair economy, education and the climate crisis

According to official sources, the Prime Minister will ask his colleagues in the Group of Seven to work on laying the foundations of a fair economy, creating job opportunities, and providing opportunities for all the population, so that they can enjoy the benefits of global trade.

The summit is expected to emphasize supporting all girls’ access to education, so that minors get 12 years of quality education, considering it the best way to lift many societies out of poverty.

On climate change, the British presidency will ask leaders for greater commitments to reduce carbon emissions and help provide financing for developing countries to tackle the global environmental crisis.

The high cost of G7 security

The event will be surrounded by strong security measures, at a cost of 70 million pounds (81 million euros), according to the calculations of some experts.

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6,500 officers, many from police forces across the country, are expected to monitor security for the event, which will be surrounded by a 10-foot-high steel fence.

Protests are also expected, although authorities have warned that they will only be allowed in some places, including Exeter, due to restrictions imposed by the agency.

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