A walrus was found in Spain nine days after it was seen off the French coast


Wally saw walruses bathed in rays off the coast of Spain, as they swam hundreds of miles across Europe.

Arctic walruses attack ducks as they walk 230 miles up the Nervian River through the Bay of Biscay.

Arctic mammals have delighted communities in Ireland, Pembrokeshire, Cornwall, and France over the past few months on a 2,000-mile adventure from their home in Greenland.

Pictures show Shams Wali Walras on the rocks in Les Chaps de Olon, France

Wally Spotters in France, where he was last seen nine days ago, said: “The walrus, which appeared in La Rochelle last week, is already in the Basque Country.

The Bilbao Superport duck boats were swimming in the mouth of Nervian in good health.

The valley is believed to have sailed from Greenland to County Kerry in Ireland, Denby in Wales, then to Cornwall, the west coast of France, and finally to Spain.

Wally became a local celebrity on South Wales Beach in Denby earlier this year.

He was first seen before heading to England from County Kerry in Ireland in March, after he was thought to have fallen asleep on a slippery iceberg in his Arctic land.

Six days after it first appeared in Ireland in March, the RSBCA was called to verify that the creature was “underweight” at the foot of a cliff near Brad Haven Beach South Beach in Pembrokeshire, Wales.

He did a scene in Wales in the stands of RNLI

Wally posed a major problem to the anxious lifeboat captains in Dunbar, as the emergency crew was blocked by a giant in their stands.

But after he became a well-known figure in the area, animal welfare groups believe he left after he was “disturbed” by hikers who got too close to him.

Irresponsible tourists tried to approach him using jet skis, paddle boards, and drones while he was resting on the RNLI boardwalk in the city’s harbor.

This became a concern for RNLI volunteers, who had to remove Wally from the stands, trying to move the animal with brooms and air horns.

Wally Walrus moved from Wales to Cornwall, now migrates south

The RSPCA had to invite tourists from the Simru Police and Typhoid-Bovis to stay a distance from the valley, which is protected under the Wildlife and Rural Act of 1981.

He spent several months in the Welsh sun, then traveled south, and advanced for a few days in Cornwall.

He then moved to Les Chables de Olon in southwest France, making walruses their first sight in 50 years.

Pictures show him running under the French sun over the canyon rocks on May 27.

Denby residents believe that Valby will return to Wales after a while in France because he has become a local celebrity, with many stores selling Walrus Valley products.

Valley initially thinks Wally may have lifted an iceberg and crossed the ocean.

RSPCA animal rescue officer Ellie West described Wally’s plight as “tragic” on Radio 4’s Today program in March.

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At the time he said, “This is a very unusual sight […] This is a very sad event, because we must remember that this walrus is very, very far from where it should be.

“We constantly talk about a moving animal. It’s so big, we talk a lot more than our regular brands. It’s a little underweight, even though it’s huge in size.”

Wally has become an icon in Deneb, Wales, where shops sell walruses

It is believed that the mammals will return to Deneb after visiting the French and Spanish coasts.

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