Pablo Ararras and Pablo Hernandez win the UPNA Anatomical Health Sciences Award

Medical degree students Pablo Ararras and Pablo Hernandez They recently won the final Intergrade anatomical trivia for college of health sciences, To the Physical Activity and Sports Sciences (CAFyD) degree team, formed by Alex Domingo, Ivan Sanz and Jaime Sanz. In the competition, in which physical therapy degree students Marta Jasso, Heron Martínez, Aria Quintero and Cristina Salcedo also reached the final stage, students from three of the five degrees taught at the above-mentioned college participated.

The competition continues the work of the Educational Innovation (PINNE) project “Integrating basic science into the first year of a medical degree: strategy and play”, which focuses on the field of human anatomy and embryology and is promoted by the following faculty members: and researcher in the Department of Health Sciences: Lukas Blasquez Lotter, Conchi Jarnoz Irazabal, Jesús Alfaro Adrian, Antonio del Bosque Herrero, Natalia Domínguez Sanz, Ana María Insauste Serrano, Enrique Balen Rivera, Alfredo Rizzano Lizaldry and Edoya Morela Ruiz.

Gamification is an educational method that brings game mechanics to the professional educational field in order to achieve better results. “Gamification facilitates immersion in the process of learning the content, which is presented in an engaging way. Another important element is motivation, which is high, as there is an impact on grade, while collaborative and group work is also encouraged. “A safe learning environment is created,” says the teacher. Without fear of making a mistake.” Anna Maria Insausti.

Use toys

The Department of Anatomy at the College of Health Sciences began play activities in 2010; Initially, in the degree of physical therapy. Since the academic year 2021-2022, they have been entered into the medical degree through an anatomy tournament in the first semester, corresponding to the topic Anatomy of the Musculoskeletal System. In 2023, the activity consisted of a “Cluedo” in which participants had to guess what was happening to the patient based on a series of clues obtained after answering questions from different core topics in that semester of the degree.

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