Two NHL players end up beating each other up

It is common to see fights in NHL (National Hockey League), but rarely has a fight between two players been as awkward as the one that occurred this morning at the meeting between the two National Hockey League teams. New York Rangers And the Philadelphia Flyers.

The most surprising thing is that everything happened when It's only been three minutes Of playing at that time Nicolas Deslauriers And Matt Rempe They challenged each other to a fight and the punches started flying.

They both ended up losing their helmets. During the hook as a result of strikes, even, After one minute, the referees had to intercedeAs the two players continued hitting each other on the ground.

Fighting is legal in the NHL

Strange as it may seem, Fights are allowed In the North American Hockey League, both competitors have long agreed to hit each other and do so by removing their gloves to avoid hurting the opponent.

Rempe, the conflicted “apprentice.”

The New York Rangers player is a newcomer to the NHL, but he is already on the lips of all fans. Last weekend he made his league debut, and In his first minute on the ice he got into a fight with an opponent. There is no doubt that he is on his way to becoming one of the most famous names in the competition.

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