United kingdom. Idiocy Overflows: Mary Poppins Stops…

United kingdom The film's age rating has changed Mary Poppins…to use “discriminatory language”. The British Board of Film Classification has decided to change the classification of classic film Disney “U” (Universal), given to films intended for general audiences and that do not contain “any element that may offend or be harmful.” PG (Parental Guidance). That is, it notes that some content may not be appropriate for children.

A BBFC spokesperson told Variety that the term “Hottentot” It is used twice in the film and is a term historically used derogatively by Dutch settlers to refer to an ethnic group in South Africa (the Khoikwe).

Admiral Boom (Reginald Owen) is the one who uses him to hire chimney sweeps whose faces are covered in soot. In one scene, he asks one of the kids if he's going to beat the Hottentots. Shortly after, upon seeing Chimney sweeps with black facesHe shouts: “We're being attacked by Hottentots!”

In line with this news let's remember when Android Facebooka man, non-biological, very intelligent and a very cautious fool, blocked this article from Spanish.

because? Pay attention to the data: because it is cited Ten little blacksOne of the most knowledgeable works of the Mysterious Master, Christie Agatha. Well, you know, Christie's masterpiece, according to Christie's masterpiece Zuckerberg, a highly intelligent Facebook bot, violates the social network's advertising and publishing laws. Among other things (don't miss the attached picture) because it is “bad language”. This is Agatha. Moreover, to educate the reluctant racist, like yours truly, Facebook advises me to focus on my product and forget about gaining more audiences, something Mark always forgot in his gossip-filled social network. Fame and money have long been hated by some of the world's greatest rich people.

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