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Nowadays, many people, when they suffer from A illnessThey tend toward Homeopathic medicine Or combine with it Allopathic medicine Although there is a lot of controversy about the use of the former, a large number of the population trusts it and uses it as a method Alternative life.

the Treatment with natural materials It is a part of alternative medicine that uses precise concentrations of Organic materials.

This was created in the year 1976 by Samuel Hahnemannassuming that “Like treatment like”Because his argument was that a substance that causes the same symptoms of disease in healthy people is treated in a similar way in sick people.

Critics of homeopathy

the Homeopathic medicine It has been the subject of controversy and debate in many countries. However, in Mexico It is widely used because it is a natural, non-surgical alternative to treat some Diseases and illnesses.

What are the uses of homeopathy?

It is used to relieve diseases and, according to those who support this remedy, it is indicated for any disease: Chronic, acute, infectious, emotional or psychological.

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The aim of homeopathy is to achieve a global cure for the patient and not just the disease. For this Homeopathic doctors They stress that this must be achieved with Natural stimulation For every patient.

It is used for disorders such as allergies, digestive problems, dizziness, rhinitis, or musculoskeletal pain.

Which consists?

Homeopathy dilutes the pure substance with water or alcohol, which has an animal, vegetable or mineral origin. And so on, Homeopathy They consider that The material is purer. However, homeopathic remedies can also be purchased in the form of tablets, ointments and drops.

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“Homeopathy has many benefits.”

he Dr. Fernando Santillan Martinez He has a career of 37 years in his profession Surgeon And homosexualityAnd in a conversation with Tampico Sun He pointed out that homeopathy has many benefits and there are many treatments to alleviate allergic diseases such as allergic dermatitis, digestive system problems, and others.

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When we talk about what is Homeopathic medicine Its most notable use is that it can be prescribed to people of all ages, from children to the elderly, and that it does not cause Side reactions.

He even noted that older people are more tolerant of this type Homeopathic medicineswhich has a wide range Alleviating various diseases Which range from injections, ointments, pills, syrups, etc.

Oncological diseases

Indicators currently Oncological diseases It has increased, and due to this, many people are looking for alternative medicine, and given this, Dr. Santillan points out that there are some currently Diseases Which can be treated with homeopathy.

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Share that he has pharmaceutical Which improves the quality of life of these patients, as is the case when they receive chemotherapy, Treatment with natural materials It plays a very important role when used correctly.

“Not even with a pussy”: a phrase reserved for homeopathy

And in talking to him Dr. Santillanhinted that there is a phrase dedicated to Homeopathic medicine What is this “Not even with pussies.”since among Homeopathic medicines The most common are pussies and drops.

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“Homeopathy is not very popular in this city of Tampico, many people do not trust it because there is no medical culture and you have to know about it because its active ingredients come from substances of animal, plant and mineral origin.” The doctor who works in his office in this city pointed out.

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