Over six million Europeans offer to live in the UK – Prensa Latina

According to the statement, as of June 30, 6.02 million applications had been received, of which 5.1 million had been approved.

The text adds that everyone who fills out online forms before the deadline will have the right to remain in the country until the authorities make a decision.

Home Secretary Priti Patel said, when we left the European Union, we promised to protect the rights of European citizens living in the UK, which is why we have implemented a successful accommodation scheme to ensure that the future can be a home in the UK.

Human rights groups believe, however, that tens of thousands of people are at risk of being considered illegal by not submitting their applications on time.

According to academic Catherine Barnard, the number will exceed 50,000, and the majority will be vulnerable or homeless European citizens, as well as young people who have applied for fear of interaction with authorities.

Another concern was that those who applied electronically did not have proof of the process to show employers or landlords, the deputy director of Britain’s Organization in Changing Europe (UK in Changing Europe).

Britain’s Deputy Minister for Future Borders and Immigration, Kevin Foster, said, however, that there will be opportunities for those who show good reasons not to apply before June 30.


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