The success of the “Spanish Chorizo” in the United Kingdom and its unusual description

The Spanish chorizo Victory in the world And despite the epidemic, 2020 was a good year for this typical food in the national territory which is very popular abroad. to me Data published this week by Chorizo ​​Consortium, “Major Association of Producers and Exporters of Spanish Sausage Par excellence”, last year More than 3.6 million kilograms were sold abroad Of chorizo ​​under its seal, with the UK being one of the leading nations and Global increase of 65%.

A mix of chicken with chorizo ​​wins the UK. (Image: Getty Images)

In the published statement from the consortium, they explained that sales increased by 65% ​​in 2020 compared to the previous year 80% of sales are abroad They focus a lot on the aforementioned The UK is like Germany and France. Although the demand for this product has really risen in the British country, with an increase of 117%, and the German, by 153%. But in France, and still on the platform, sales grew by only 9%.

Regardless of percentages, what does that translate when it comes to kilograms? According to the consortium data, from these three countries, 2.2 million kilograms were sold in the UK Of the Spanish chorizo, 3.6 of the total for 2020. Many kilograms, without a doubt. But, What do the British do with a lot of chorizo? What do they use besides controversial paella?

Those who live there say seeing Spanish chorizo ​​on the shelves of British supermarkets is indeed common and that it is common Recipes mixing chicken and chorizo ​​proliferate. Classic seems to be there Chicken sandwiches with chorizo. An unusual combination in Spain, on the contrary. Someone will have to eat it this way, but it’s not an extended recipe.

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however, Uniting chicken and chorizo ​​on the same plate seems to be a trend In the country that Boris Johnson rules. You only need to look at the recipes Famous supermarket chain Sainsbury’s to find ideas Like baked chicken with chorizo, the aforementioned sandwich, chopped chicken with chorizo ​​and sweet potato, with baked potato … the list is endless. The odds of finding chorizo ​​in the UK are very rare in Spain They even suggest making delicious pies with it or throwing it on your salad.

If someone is curious to try the taste of these recipes, the aforementioned Sainsbury’s site is mine to give chorizo ​​a use beyond soup, lentils, parnau cake and cook it with apple juice, on the barbecue, or a simple and delicious sandwich of a lifetime for a snack. The Italians will have a lot to say about thisBut in Spain, it’s very novel to add chorizo ​​to pasta.

What should be chorizo ​​chorizo?

Chorizo ​​is one of the most beloved sausages in Spanish gastronomy inside and out, as evidenced by the numbers published by the consortium. But for the product to be called chorizo ​​in all letters, it must, according to this link, You have some minimum requirements on your prescription. Specifically, it “must necessarily endure.” Garlic and paprika; is being Air treated or smoked; Containing The main rule is minced pork s Marinate with spices Like the red pepper that gives it its typical red color. “

Later on, when it comes to giving him what they call him “The traditional character of the Spanish chorzo” Use SpicesThey explain varied. “It is not a single perfume that permeates the chorizo ​​with that distinct scent, but it is a collection of several scents, among them garlic, pepper, cumin, bay leaf, thyme, onion, paprika. Or thyme,” specified them on the web.

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