One of the UK's most prestigious and historic choirs will give a free concert in Zamora

On Saturday 17 February, Warwickshire Rugby School Choir, one of the most prestigious and historic choirs in the UK, will give a free concert in Zamora Cathedral, at 8.30pm in association with Zamora City Council Tourism Department.

It is a unique musical experience accompanied by the organ in the majestic atmosphere of the cathedral. Closely linked to Rugby College's chapel heritage, the Rugby School Choir has won numerous international awards for its outstanding musical work. Naomi Simone, a talented 16-year-old student, has been named BBC Young Singer of the Year, highlighting the high level of excellence of this choir.

Led by Richard Tanner, a music director and organist with over two decades of experience in vocal training and choral conducting, the Rugby School Choir has left an indelible mark on the British music scene. Tanner, who is also Head of Music at Rugby School, leads a team of fifty professional musicians at one of the UK's most distinguished and historic independent schools.

The choir's performances enjoy significant media coverage, being regularly broadcast on BBC programmes, such as 'Choral Evensong' on Radio 3 and 'Sunday Worship' on Radio 4. In addition, the choir has participated in popular events such as the opening ceremony of the Rugby World Cup from Twickenham Stadium.

In addition, the Rugby School Choir can boast a US tour in 2017, which included performances in Connecticut and New York's famous Carnegie Hall, as well as a recording of 'Jubilate' by Simon Johnson, organist at Rugby Cathedral. St. Paul's, to celebrate the school's 450th anniversary. In addition, the choir was the winner of last year's BBC Radio 2 Young Instrumentalist of the Year competition.

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Richard Tanner, who has an impressive career which includes his role as former Chancellor of St Paul's Cathedral and Director of Music at Blackburn Cathedral, has demonstrated his skill in both vocal coaching and choral conducting. His leadership has led the Rugby School Choir to reach new heights and captivate audiences around the world with their exceptional musical talent.

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