On vacation, AICM prepares for leaks, drains, and landings- Uno TV

Complaints are mainly submitted via social media. users Mexico City International Airport (AICM), make sure of it Dodge constantly leaks in the rainy season.

Juan Nájera is an AICM user and confirms this with the landing gates and there are many more Leaks“Now you see a lot of bulldozers.”

The Deputy Director of Engineering at AICM, Victor Manuel Marquez, confirmed in this regard that measures have already been taken, who indicated that A new waterproofing material has been implementedcall him nano krill.

Sanitation and maintenance of bathrooms are also on the list of claims.

“Sometimes the showers instead of taking the water flush it out.”

Jerry Villalobos, AICM user

The authority confirms that it has allocated this year 50 million pesos to change drains and seal leaks.

“And the drain that we have from all the malls, by the tenants we have at the airport, because they generate a lot of leaks underground.”

Victor Manuel Marquez, Deputy Director of Engineering, AICM

business include Re-establishment, before a Drowning in the boarding area of ​​Terminal 2.

This will prevent dpassenger transport on long slopes.

“I can say that it will last seven or eight years, and in the event of a collapse, we will have to improve the system.”

Victor Manuel Marquez, Deputy Director of Engineering, AICM

International users also have a disagreement; is related Long times to cross NIM filters.

“There were very few foreign clients.”

Ricardo Espinosa, AICM user

You must be Mexican to be introduced quickly; I waited about 45 minutes to get itMrs. Anna Evelyn.

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Notify the National Institute of Migration One TV Which has 115 customers spread, in 42 candidates to enter Mexico. Each serves 472 people per day.

Under these circumstances, only during the month of June, it was an airport It served just over 2 million 893 thousand people.

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