An experiment without judges does not work in Frisbee.

A world without judges with a constitution and laws that resulted from a consensus that citizens respect and abide by without the need for a police force? A system based on mutual respect, a sense of individual responsibility, acceptance that one may be wrong and the other right, a search for compromises, and a belief in the sincerity of others? Utopias exist, but they rarely survive the unforgiving weight of reality.

The virtuous city climax (such as launching a program Flying saucer as a competitive sport) in the 1960s at Columbia High School in Maplewood, New Jersey, when its founders laid out the rules of the game and decided that referees were not needed, and that it would be a self-managed sport so to speak, in which competitors were expected to agree when deciding whether to score target or commit an offense. Utopia died with semi-professionalism, popularity, and the arrival of great tournaments.

The sport’s founders wanted players to agree on whether it was a goal or a foul

The climax It retains something, but only something, of its innocence, and of this initial declaration of principles which says “It is a highly competitive sport in which the pleasure of playing is above any other consideration”, and such a thing as the important thing is not to win but to participate, quite in line with the Olympic spirit (thought to be incorporated into the 2028 Los Angeles Games).

The idea of ​​matches without the need for referees is a great idea, but it has proven impossible. When is a contact lost? Did it happen before or after launch? Flying saucer ? Did the striker catch it with all points of the body in the end zone, or was the football touching the line? In the madness of the act, no matter how well-meaning and dignified one would be to act, it is sometimes impossible to know, and it is natural for one to ascribe the benefit of the doubt.

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Self-management is very complex and the romantic “spirit of the game” often works well, but in other cases there were fifteen minute breaks in the action while the protagonists discussed whether it was a goal, an offense or Flying saucer He was out of the band, which was very frustrating for viewers and created comedic situations.

It was decided to establish some “observers” who mediated between the two parties without decision-making authority to try to reach a “consensus”, as if it were a summit between representatives of Israel and Palestine. But the AUDL (American Ultimate Disc League), the semi-professional league in the United States and Canada, with twenty-two teams, has turned to lifetime referees (four on the field) for decisions and the flow of work.

In AUDL games, it’s all about scoring by capturing a “frisbee” in the target area

AUDL matches are played with seven competitors from each side in stadiums like soccer, and it’s all about scoring by capturing Flying saucer in the end zone. They can only be thrown, not run (which are strides, a foul). Physical contact is penalized, as with blocking, and possession is lost when it is thrown from the field of play, dropped to the ground or intercepted by an opponent. You can attack conservative style, based on short passes, or take risks, with throws that are difficult to control.

The climax It is a sport famous for its hippie culture and counterculture, and its women’s league is not considered as such a woman but who womxn , so that x includes transgender and non-binary people..a world without judges, without police officers, without arbitrators? And dreams are dreams.

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