It weighs 104 kilograms, is one of the fastest in the NFL, and rivals professional athletes with a dream to go to the Olympics.

NFL player DK Metcalf competed in the 100-meter race

He is one of the fastest players in the world NFL And he wanted to measure himself against professional runners. It comes to b DK Metcalf, from 23 years, Which serves as a broad receiver for Seattle Seahawks s This Sunday he participated in Golden Games De Walnut (California), The first major outdoor sporting event of the season in the United States which is a preparation for the Tokyo Qualifiers which will be held at the end of June in Eugene (Oregon).

With him 1.93 meters And to them 104 kg of weightThis young man knew how to dazzle locals and strangers in the professional soccer league with the incredible speed for which he was invited. American Athletics Federation (USATF) To compete in a race 100 meters.

DK Metcalf He finished last in the first tie with time 10.363 seconds, Although not far from the second-tier pro-athlete faction he encountered.

DK Metcalfe speed in the NFL

One of the plays in which this young form of Seahawks ended up establishing himself as one of the fastest players in NFL was in a match against Arizona Cardinals Who was able to track down and treat him Bodda Baker Although it started with a major flaw.

This work is the motivation DK Metcalf To be measured by professional athletes, and although he finished last, he did so with great dignity. Especially in the primary counters that It was among the top positions, Although it was later She passed the last 30 meters.

NFL player DK Metcalf competed in the 100 meters with professional runners (Photo: AP)

Prevailed in his series Cravon Gillespie At a time 10.11 seconds, Who also won the final match 9.96 seconds. Among the participants was the world champion Michael RodgersAnd gold in Doha 2019 As a member of 4×100 American. Although none of the top four runners participated in the 100-meter race.

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In the general classification, DK Metcalf He finished 15th out of 17 participants, but was very happy with the experience. “Test my speed against world-class athletes And get a chance to race against these boys It was a blessing, But they do it for a living. This is very different from the speed of footballAnalyze.

DK Metcalf is a player for NFL Seattle Seahawks (Photo: USA TODAY Sports)
DK Metcalf is a player for NFL Seattle Seahawks (Photo: USA TODAY Sports)

Even if DK Metcalf He has received some criticism for his participation in the race and has won praise from many colleagues, including the famous quarterback. Patrick MahomesWho used social media to congratulate him on his great performance. Although he stayed away from 10.05 seconds They were going to give him a place in Trials to Olympic GamesThe experience will never be erased.

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