Stranger Things Makes 1985’s #1 song number 1

Weird things It has a monstrous summoning power. It is the greatest success of NetflixAnd, as we already mentioned in our review, its file Season 4 It is the best so far. The production that started in the ’80s, able to win over audiences, will continue with a fifth and finally season and Role But for now, there’s a long way to go. Its influence on popular culture is such that one songs Repeated in new episodes Running over this hillpublished in 1985 just arrived in Top spots on services like Spotify or Apple Music. (he goes Hey ho).

The power of nostalgia and Weird things They combined to make a #1 song from the ’80s

Running over this hillthe first and only single from Kate Bush’s fifth album, titled dogs of loveThe song became trendy. You just have to spend some time on Twitter, tik tok Or any social network and check the extent of the penetration of the topic associated with the fourth season. No need to say Bush was a very popular singer in the 70’s and 80’sbut it’s true I haven’t finished jumping into the current Even though he hit her hard in the UK. So far one of his most famous songs, Wuthering HeightsShe became famous in Spain for being the musical accompanying to a cologne spot such as O de Lancome in 1991.

The revival is due to the fact that, in One of the peak moments of season 4 From Weird thingsMax (Sadi Sink) clings to the song in his headphones to figure it out. It has become one of the scenes most remembered and shared by fans, to the extent that It is ranked #1 on iTunes and 106 of the 200 most listened to songs on Spotify. If we turn to The Google We can even see how searches related to Max and his music or Sadie Sink and her footage automatically lead to Running over this hill and Kate Bush. Success speaks of strength Weird things as a global phenomenon.

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However, the soundtrack for the fourth season of Weird things Really overwhelming, with singles and great songs from groups like Talking Heads, Kiss or Beach Boys. We give you the full list in case you want to make one play list on your favorite streaming platform.

  • “California Dreamin” for mamas and papas
  • “A Object of My Desire” by Starpoint
  • “Running That Hill,” by Kate Bush
  • “I was a werewolf teenager” of cramps
  • “Play with me” by Extreme
  • “Detroit Rock City” by Kiss
  • “You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)” by Dead or Alive
  • “Tarzan Boy” Baltimore
  • “Scan” by The Surfaris
  • “Psychological Killer” by Talking Heads
  • ‘Difficult feelings’ for karbi
  • “Dutch Pass,” for young music
  • “Dream A Little Dream of Me” by Ella Fitzgerald
  • “Quand le bien-aim Revendra” by Dalayrac

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