No more backward compatible Xbox 360 or original Xbox titles

Yesterday we had a very exciting event to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Xbox. In just 30 minutes of broadcast, Microsoft was able to perfectly convey all the sensations achieved during these years with its fans, at a time (with the complete absence of the Don Matrik personality) the brand flexed its course from seriousness, but also from closeness to the user. Hence, it is also time to talk about it Backward compatible.

One of the most famous news of the Xbox One era was the arrival of backward compatibility with the Xbox 360, where every week we gleefully received waves of titles that worked on the new generation of the time. But with the arrival of Xbox Series X | S that cadence stopped completely, because it was time to act so that all Xbox One titles were directly backward compatible in the new generation. However, there was a promise from Jason Ronald in charge of the new machine: “We will return to this work later.”

Post Retrocompatibles

Receiving surprise 76 new backward compatible titles Coming from the Xbox 360 and the original Xbox was capitalized, but one important detail was also not noted: this set would be the last we’d receive. Simply put, there will be no more additions to the list of backwards compatible titles, which are now closed. This was mentioned in the article before Xbox WirePeggy Lo, responsible for backward compatibility on Xbox:

As we continue to focus on maintaining and enhancing the technical side of games, we have reached the limit of our ability to introduce new games into the past catalog due to licensing, legal and technical issues.

The justification is very clear, they have continued to pursue more possibilities, but there are many conditions that prevent working on more old titles and make them backward compatible. So we’ve left this latest installment, which is huge and on the other hand, excited to see that FPS Boost can also be applied to Xbox 360 titles, opening up another set of possibilities to enjoy it again.

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