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The FIFA Not yet decided crosses into the intercontinental qualifiers for World Cup Qatar 2022. It must be remembered that Colombia, if the South American match ends today, will have to reach this example to find a chest in the tournament.

The team that leads Rinaldo Rueda Today, he is in the fifth square in the qualifiers with 16 points and hopes to achieve a victory over Paraguay and that the other results will help him end the year in the direct quotas area for Qatar.

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So far, play-off matches have been played in home and away matches. The most recent were Peru and New Zealand, where Ricardo Gareca’s team qualified for Russia 2018.

This is FIFA’s idea of ​​qualifiers

Now, in FIFA they have the idea that that match is played in one match. It was revealed by journalist Juan Jose Boscaglia, on Directv Sports, speaking De fútbol se like this, of Directv Sports.

The idea of ​​holding one match on a neutral stadium to save time and continue to avoid problems with European clubs to give up players. It will be played in the FIFA history window in June.

According to Buscalia, Conmebol does not agree with this approach and they continue with the idea of ​​home and away matches, because a single match can affect sportsmanship by letting everything go in a 90-minute effort.

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One contest?

Also, according to press releases, the playoff feud will be in one place, in a group.

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It should be noted that FIFA is evaluating the option of the second round to determine the last two places, a competition that will be held in June in the United States.

There will be the team that will finish fifth in the Asian draw, fifth in South America, fourth in CONCACAF and fourth in the Oceania Confederation.

Qualifiers played by South America

South America already had to play several World Cup playoffs. Chile got rid of the Soviet Union in 1973, Bolivia lost to Hungary in 1977, Colombia qualified by leaving Israel in 1989 and Argentina overtook Australia in 1993.

Uruguay played four playoffs in a row: in 2001 they eliminated Australia, in 2005 they lost to the same opponent, in 2009 they left Costa Rica out of the field and in 2013 they beat Jordan. The most recent was in Peru in 2017.


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