New profile picture and other changes on WhatsApp

The WhatsApp Do Implementation From instant message Most used by people around the world. Currently, around 5 billion users are using this app, according to the Google Play Store download history. popularity The WhatsApp Partly due to the continuous improvement of its functionality, the developers of this tool release from time to time Updates With many novelties and soon will bring new ways to show and visualize personal picture.

today in suffocation We tell you everything you need to know about the new WhatsApp update With all its changes that promise to make millions of users of this instant messaging application they do not stop communicating at any time.

Option to display your profile picture on WhatsApp

Next update of the program The WhatsApp It will change the way you view a file personal picture This shows all of your contacts.

The developers announced it Avatars It will now be presented as thumbnails in each of them Attention of new messages arriving at smart phone. In other words, you will not only see the name of the contact, but also their photo.

It was the portal specialized in the messaging platform, wabetainfo, that foresaw the arrival of this option. However, he also cautioned that users can expect inconsistencies when updating a file personal picture In some notices, this is because the functionality is still in development, so now only those who have access to the beta version of the app can see the new format.

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Although this change responds to the new system The WhatsApp, not yet available, in fact, the company stated that it continues to work on refining this Job Before it is officially released so that it is fully polished before many users can enjoy it.

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WhatsApp news for users

In addition to the profile picture news, the Implementation More instant messages will be added mission This promise to be well received by users, including the following:

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1. Close the session. thanks for the Multi-device mode It will be possible to disconnect from one device and stay connected through another. As revealed, you will be able to get your account on up to 4 computers and will no longer depend on your cell phone connection.

2. Reels and WhatsApp. for lovers InstagramThen the option will come to clone short videos of that social network so that you can now show it in your cases The WhatsApp.

3. Delete messages without time limit. One of the options most expected by users, it will now be possible to delete messages without a time limit, because before that this function was only available for 68 minutes.

This is just some of the news that The WhatsApp It will bring users, who continue to position this application as one of the most popular among users Internet.

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