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after science latest news From Pokemon Legends: ArceusAnd now we have more news regarding this promising title. Here’s an interesting roundup of details presented today.

In this case, the information is not officially confirmed and it collects all files Formas de Hisui That has been rumored so far about the game according to various sources. It also includes officially confirmed regional forms.

The list will be as follows:

  • Zorua de Hisui (Normal / Fantasma) (confirmed)
  • Zoroark de Hisui (Normal/Fantasma) (confirmed)
  • Hisui Grolithi (Fire/Rock) (confirmed)
  • Arcanine of Hisui (fire/rock)
  • Hisui Braviary (Psychic/Aviation) (confirmed)
  • Hisui Decidueye (herb/fighting)
  • Hisui Tyflusion (Fire/Ghost)
  • Hisui Samorot (Water/Evil)
  • Hisui Sligo (Dragon/Steel)
  • Hisui Godra (Dragon/Steel)
  • Hisui Avalog (ice/rock)
  • Hisui Qwilfish (villain/poison)
  • Sneasel de Hisui (Veneno / Lucha)
  • Pascoline de Hisui (Agua)
  • Hisui pole (electricity/factory)
  • Hisui Voltorp (electricity/factory) (confirmed)
  • Hisui Lilligant (herb/fighting)

To this list, we must add a list New Pokemon confirmed and circulated:

  • Wyrdeer (Normal/Psychological) (confirmed)
  • Clever (Bag/Rock) (confirmed)
  • Basculegion (Water/Ghost) (confirmed)
  • Hisui’s Evolution from Sneasel (poison/fight)
  • Hisui’s Evolution from Qwilfish (Sinister/Venom)
  • Hisui twist of urgency (regular/herb)
  • Geniuses of the Forces of Nature (Fairy/Flying)

We will have to be careful to see if this information is confirmed. What do you think that? We read to you in the comments. We also leave you with our full coverage of this premiere, scheduled for January 28, 2022, here.


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