New name: House of Cultures, Arts and Sciences

Publication date: December 4, 2021

After the creation of the Department of Science, Innovation and Studies last August, the municipality of Cerro Navia has actively implemented many science-related activities through face-to-face digital initiatives, talk about space, what our ancestors ate in northern Chile before the Colombian era, robotics and even science promotion parties, thanks to ConCierto Sentido.

This is part of a work that has been done for some time in Cerro Navia, with the aim of imparting knowledge to the people. This is why IAs of this month, the Municipal Council has unanimously agreed to amend the name of the Municipal House of Culture to be opened soon under the name “House of Cultures, Arts and Sciences, Violetta Barra”.

“The mission we are carrying out is undoubtedly a transformative project led by Mayor Mauro Tamayo. We are a team fully committed to these changes and this is reflected in everyone we interact with in the region. We also understand culture as an area for the development of human thought and that in and of itself speaks a lot already, but it achieves a lot. When it is done in a coordinated manner with the rest of the work of the municipality, and thus the Director of Culture, Laura Pizarro, commented on the importance of establishing these relationships.

Thus, this cultural space located in Mapocho 7360, will become the ideal setting for the different cultures that surround Cerro Navia, the arts that keep the memory alive and the sciences that will open up a world of knowledge for the whole community.

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