La Nación / HortiPar, Paraguay’s horticultural fair supported by Israel

With great success and success, the HortiPar fair was developed in the neighborhood of Yguazú (Alto Paraná), organized by Centro Tecnológico Agropecuario del Paraguay (Cetapar), which received more than 1,500 visitors during the four days that this fair lasted.

The traditional fair which will now be expanded to other cities is the only fair in the country that provides spaces for the exchange of knowledge about innovations and techniques for horticultural production.

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The State of Israel’s International Cooperation Agency (MACHAV) is closely following the pledge, to the point that Paraguay is the only place where Mashav has maintained its assistance through 2020, in the midst of a pandemic.

The exhibition, which presents the latest innovations in the agricultural sector, will be possible to visit in other parts of the country next year. Image courtesy.

In the last exhibition, the Israeli cooperation in the exhibition was highlighted by the MASHAV Pavilion, which was managed through the Israeli Embassy in Paraguay, in conjunction with the city of Montevideo (Uruguay) and the whole organization was carried out by Citapar with the Honorary Consulate of Israel in Paraguay.

And how could it be otherwise, innovations in the horticultural sector in Israel was the topic developed by the expert on the subject, Israeli Ari Fisher, who through an online master lecture was able to impart part of his knowledge and experience to the participants.

Fisher is one of the most famous specialists in irrigation systems and the application of all kinds of technologies to improve agricultural production at a world leader in arid farming.

The Israel Agency for International Cooperation, through the Agricultural Training Center, permanently supports the sector’s work in Paraguay. Image courtesy.

Starting next year, the HortiPar fair will be appreciated in other cities of the country to return in November to the Yguazú neighborhood of Alto Paraná.

Edgar Figueiredo, Fellow from Israel and CEO of Cetapar, announced that the horticultural fair, the only one of its kind in our country, will tour the provinces of San Pedro, Cordillera, Guerra and Itapua in the shape of the field and dates will be confirmed soon.

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Peleg Loy, the current Consul General of the State of Israel to southern China and former director of MASHAV and the Israeli ambassador to Paraguay, spoke on his Twitter account about the success of the exhibition, which was held in Alto Parana.

“Proudly I am impressed by the excellent work done by Edgar Figueiredo and the Cetapar team. Thanks to them, Israel continues its presence in Paraguay’s agricultural sector. As a MASHAV colleague, Edgar uses the knowledge gained in Israel to promote our beloved Paraguay,” wrote the former ambassador, who is remembered for his great collaborative work With small and medium producers in the agricultural sector of our country.

“We are excited to be present from Israel through you,” the Israel International Cooperation Agency wrote on its Twitter account, also welcoming agricultural projects.

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