New Marvel and Borderlands game leaked

It will officially start next week E3 2021, And as in previous years, some ads have already begun to filter. First of all, it was revealed ferex working on a game marvel is similar to XCOM, On the other hand, the first details of Role from Borderlandsincluding your name.

According to a list leaked on reddit, and supported him VGCAnd the ferex Works in collaboration with marvel To create a game Avengers In the same form as the franchise XCOM. I mean, it would be the title of a role-based strategy. Let’s remember that these developers They have expected “exciting surprises” for this year.

In addition, the Role from Borderlands address will be wonders He will be the protagonist Tiny Tina. At the moment, it is unknown if it will also be an FPS game like the main saga or something completely different. Interestingly, Motion vector These rumors were dispelled weeks agoBut it all seemed like a hoax.

Especially Jason Schreyer He’s verified that these two games are real, but isn’t convinced that both will be revealed at E3.

“Yes, this 2K leak is real but I’m not sure it will all be revealed at E3. I can’t wait for XCOM from Marvel.”

Finally, it is mentioned that the new project of barn 13, creative mafia ThirdIt will be an “open world game with supernatural and sci-fi elements.” We’ll have to wait until e 3 2021 To see if all this is real.

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Fountain: Jason Schreyer /VGC

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