Crocodile bites diver’s head, miraculously saved in video

Authorities reported the impressive case of an alligator biting a man’s head in Florida and the matter was rescued with a “miracle”.

According to the official report, Jeffrey Heim, 25, was swimming in the Mica River in Tampa when a huge alligator intercepted him and grabbed his head with his huge jaw.

Heim spoke to the media about the terrifying experience and how he believes the calm saved his life.

“I got up to breathe and felt like I was hit by a boat. I felt like a fan on my head and pulled me down. You never understand the strength of a wild animal like that until it’s in your mouth.”


He explained that it is moving little by little to get out of the water without showing signs of being “prey”. At a slow pace he finally reached the shore and the alligator did not rush to him again.

Fortunately, a group of people helped him on the beach and called 911 to attend the emergency. Once at the hospital, he received 35 stitches and doctors discovered a minor fracture in his skull.

Heim explained to the media that he “made a mistake” by invading the crocodile space. At the time of the attack he was looking for “fossilized megalodon teeth” so he did not take into account the potential danger posed by these reptiles.

“I think he hit me in the perfect spot. Someone was watching.”

In his comment, he emphasized that the bone of his head could resist the bite, which would not have happened with one of his limbs.

For now, the young man has decided to stay away from diving “for a while” and will give his mother peace of mind.

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