Netflix | The crown got a great opinion of Elizabeth II | spoiler

Since the crowning of the UK’s highest authority, Isabel II She never imagined that she would become the most powerful woman in the world and, accordingly, the longest-lived woman on the throne. But, in addition to her royal administration, the King has a great life story, so portraying it is a challenge that only people like Peter Morgan have dared to do in series like the crown.

access to netflix in 2016, the crown It is one of the most expensive and controversial films in the history of the platform. Not only did it cost the creator $130 million in its first season, but with this series it earned scorn and criticism from many family members. Isabel II, who initially refused to watch it, but was later informed of the content.

What bothered Philip of Edinburgh and Prince Charles the most was the entire fourth season. Is that, in the latest edition, published last year, the tape depicts Lady Diana’s arrival in Buckingham, including all the controversies that followed the name of the Prince and the People’s Princess, which may be left out of the series at Prince William’s request.

However, whose opinion is not known, until now, was the hero of the story: the Queen Isabel II. Her Highness is notorious for secrecy when it comes to her private life, and Her Highness has never talked about it the crown, but nevertheless, like her companion Felipe, she was always aware of the content. And although the data was thought to have come from Prince Harry and Eugenia of York, who were both declared fans of the series, it must be clarified that it wasn’t.

Elizabeth II also thinks of The Crown. Photo: (Getty Images)

Was it, from what his youngest son, Eduardo de Wessex, said, that forced his mother to see the tape because, like his nephews, he was also happy. So much so that a source close to the royal family told the Sunday Express:I really liked it, although there were obviously some issues that felt like it was being dramatized a lot, but she was happy“.

However, although many actors may be satisfied with the Queen’s opinion, including Peter Morgan, it appears that Isabel II was only fascinated by the first seasonWhere Claire Foy was the hero. Per se, it’s unknown if he’s ever seen any of the remaining three Netflix releases again, but it’s a fact, Morgan was right about the first part of the show. the crown.

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