Mexicans win esports competition – La Voz de la Frontera

A team of young people who are part of the Garage Builders team, from the “Garage Project Hub”, won a competition from the North American School Esports Federation (NASEF), in which 700 students from 36 countries participated.

The team consists of Pedro Uribe, Alan Llanes, José André Sánchez and Gabriel Cárdenas, who have returned to participate in international competitions through the Minecraft Education video game.

This group of young people is the current champion of the competition called “Minecraft Masters Global Competition”, by Nasef, which allows students to develop skills, make use of video games, and compete against teams from India, Egypt, the United States and the United States. The Kingdom, to name a few of the participating countries.

This year the call launched the challenge called Farmcraft, which simulates a virtual realm farming environment on how food is grown and simulates agricultural production in general.

The regular season lasted two months as they overcame three challenges.

In these, they answered a series of questions based on their experience completing virtual worlds, which allowed the judges to check their knowledge of the agricultural world.

It was on May 26 when the competition judges announced the team as the winners of the event, once again receiving a call to defend their title again next year in the same competition, as well as a series of awards that will allow them to promote a culture of esports, science, technology, engineering and mathematics in education (STEM for short). In English).

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