Netflix spent more than $5 billion on a license that would save the platform's future

Netflix has just made a major shift in terms of acquisitions and rights purchases. The streaming portal, in the midst of 2024 Oscar nominations — which are ahead of other studios — has closed a door An important agreement with WWE To be the new television home for shows and tournaments held by the television company. wrestling. We know that Netflix Paying $500 million annually to broadcast the so-called 'Monday Night Raw' In the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Latin America and other regions over the next decade, as well Other forms of wrestling.

Starting in 2025, Netflix will become the home of WWE, although there are still issues to be resolved in the historic million-dollar pact.

These rights, which will expand over time, are intended to foster a long-term relationship between Netflix and WWE. To date, the broadcast rights to these programs and formats are owned by NBCUniversal, which pays about $250 million annually, although it also broadcasts other wrestling products in North America.NXT' And 'Friday Night SmackDown. The Gateway Agreement will have consequences, especially at the international level, from then on “Netflix Team”raw“,”smack down' And 'NXTOutside the United States, exclusively.

Of course, it is not known what other countries will arrive from January 2025 and what other territories will be chosen to distribute this powerful content. It is not known what role Spain will play in all this, although it is true that there is a community keen on this type of sports and formats, and it would not be surprising if Netflix included our country in the list of regions in which it is possible to play. Benefit from WWE rights. Considering how the live content department is performing, that wouldn't be surprising. The contract is particularly interesting, because it also includes paid content e.g WrestleMania, SummerSlam and Royal Rumble

The contract with WWE is valid for 10 years and is worth more than $5 billion

The contract is valid for 10 years and is worth more than $5 billion, although Netflix has the option to cancel it within five years if it deems it is not profitable or even extend it for an additional 10 years. It's a huge investment, but if the move goes well, Netflix has a very exciting license in many territories and a strategic linchpin for its live sports streaming.

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