Are Harry and Meghan acting in front of the Netflix cameras? Body language expert explains

body language expert Judy James Analyze the behavior of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex during their visit to Unbeatable Games in The Hague, Netherlands. During an interview with MailOnline, the Brits confirmed that both Harry is like Megan Exaggerated movements and actions While recording with Netflix camerasa company with which they signed a contract to photograph aspects of their daily lives.

“As any reality star knows, it’s impossible for a camera crew to follow you closely without being aware of your body language responses and perhaps intensify the drama consciously or unconsciously as you internally analyze what each scene would look like.” “Emotions need to be clearly visible and translatable as you record your performance, which can often lead to super quality rituals,” Jody said.

James claims it Meghan looks perfect in her body language messagesShow excitement, exhilaration and enthusiasm, consistent with the sports you watch.

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