Blinken's visit to Miley and eye on Argentine lithium 'incredibly positive'

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken visited Argentine President Javier Miley to discuss bilateral relations between the two countries, Argentine dollarization, and the United States’ commitment to “cooperation” in extracting minerals such as lithium. In addition, a representative of Joe Biden's government praised Miley for his efforts to stabilize the Argentine economy or for raising his voice in favor of Israel.

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Javier Miley received US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, who praised the Argentine President's efforts to enhance international cooperation. Stabilize your country's economy It expressed America's intention to participate in the extraction of minerals in Argentina.

Blinken praised that “the work being done to achieve economic stability is absolutely vital.” He described his meeting with Miley as “incredibly positive.”.

According to him The program is facilitated by the US Department of StateThe goal of the trip was to “discuss bilateral and global issues, including sustainable economic growth and a shared commitment to human rights and democratic governance.” Critical minerals Improving trade and investment that benefits both countries.

Indeed, it was a meeting that lasted an hour and a half, in full view of those present around the table Multiple areas touched. Argentine Chief of Staff Nicolas Bossi was present. Foreign Minister Leopoldo Chaores; Minister of International Economic Relations, Marcelo Sima; Ambassador-designate to Washington Gerardo Verthen; Economy Minister Luis Caputo; Interior Minister Guillermo Francos and Secretary of National Strategy Jorge Antillo.

Based on the American delegationAmbassador Mark Stanley attended; Under Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs, Brian Nichols; Deputy Chief of Staff, Tom Sullivan; Deputy Spokesperson Vedant Patel, and Political Counselor of the Embassy of Buenos Aires Robert Allison.

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It was one of the hot topics Dollarization of the Argentine economyThis is a matter that, if discussed, will remain behind closed doors, and Blinken wanted to settle it briefly: “It is a decision that Argentina must make,” avoiding expressing an opinion.

But he continued: “What is very clear is that Argentina has what the world needs, and… We want to be partners with Argentina as long as it helps feed and provide energy for the world in the future.He said in reference to possible agreements on lithium extraction.


Among the praise for the Argentine leader's efforts to revive the stricken economy, the fact that Blinken landed at Casa Rosada emerged.

The United States is currently exploring investment opportunities in critical minerals, in particular LithiumThrough its International Development Finance Corporation and a new Mineral Security Partnership, Blinken himself said, adding that Washington wants US companies to remain Argentina's partner of choice.

According to Blinken, who wanted to confirm the matter, Argentina is ready to play a decisive role in creating supply chains for minerals Which will boost the 21st century economy, specifically lithium.

Nothing new. The Secretary of State himself noted that American companies are already investing in mineral extraction and processing projects. Regarding potential projects, he emphasized: “CIt will create more high-quality jobs“It will enhance our competitiveness and help in the transition towards a more climate resilient future,” he said.

Currently, China is a leader in the global supply chain for critical minerals, accounting for nearly 60% of the global production of rare earth materials.

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In “Good Tune”

Javier Miley has taken a strongly pro-American stance, although ideologically he is more aligned with former Republican President Donald Trump.

Moreover, he was one of the leaders who came Unconditional support for Israel When Hamas carried out the attacks on October 7, 2023. The Argentine leader's visit to Jerusalem, shortly after the occupation of Casa Rosada, represented a declaration of intent that was well received by the White House. In fact, Blinken said he appreciated Miley's strong condemnation of the attacks “and his support for Israel's right to ensure such an attack never happens again.”

Blinken also met with his Argentine counterpart. Diana Mondino. In his remarks, Blinken highlighted Argentina as an “important member of the global coalition” to support Ukraine, and said he would continue to do so through the upcoming summit between Ukraine and Latin America.

For Argentina, the “good harmony” with the United States does not go unnoticed, since the northern neighbor is its largest foreign investor, and will represent it in 2022. $12.6 trillion investmentsaccording to the US Department of Commerce.

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