Madrid aspires to snatch the Guinness World Record for people who dance the Macarena from the United Kingdom.

the macaroni One of Los del Rio's biggest hits, this world-class song is known for its dancing and lyrics. It is the defining characteristic of Spain on the planet, however, the Guinness Record for people dancing this song at the same time is English. now, Elena CastillaMadrid wants to take this title from them.

“Do you know which country has a Guinness World Record for the largest number of people dancing the Macarena at the same time? “United Kingdom,” the girl explained in a Tiktok video.

In this sense, he announced that if someone lives in Madrid, he will organize a group for that They danced the Macarena together at El Retiro Park and win the Guinness Book of World Records. “It's also nonsense from the people, 2,219 people support the current title. “What will take us, 10 minutes?” commented Elena Castilla.

She takes care of everything,” she brought the cameras so that the whole of Spain can see and the world can see that the record is ours. “Just comment, I'm in,” the young woman explained on her Tiktok account.

Elena posted another video in which she said that she “ruined the matter in just 24 hours” because of all the repercussions and the incident. communicate To beat the record. “You're telling me you're coming from Valencia, Seville, Murcia… just to Madrid to take the title from England,” the girl explains.

“I'm talking to Guinness, with municipality And whatever is necessary for us to achieve this. “But I also need your help,” Elena says.

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The young woman created WhatsApp group To inform you of the exact location and time. The girl says: “You have to join individually. It's not worth it to join on behalf of three or four friends because this way helps me get into the Guinness Book of Records.”

WhatsApp channel link is in your Tiktok bio or can be accessed through this connection.

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