Netflix announces that it is preparing a Mexican version of the reality show “Love is Blind”

Netflix She just announced a new adaptation of one of her most popular reality shows Love is blind mexicowhere a group of single people go on blind dates with the aim of finding their perfect partner without caring about their physical appearance.

The original version was released in 2020 It has achieved great success within the platform, leading to its renewal and adaptation to other countries. It was created by Chris Cullen and produced by Kinetic Content.

This year, “Love Is Blind” will arrive in Mexico, after having been successfully adapted in the United States, Brazil, United Kingdom, Sweden, Argentina and Japan.

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When will 'Love is Blind México' premiere on Netflix?

Unfortunately, Netflix has not provided further details about 'Love is Blind México'Except for this one It is expected to arrive sometime in 2024so they should start sending soon.

Participation requirements or where to apply are also unknown.But it is recommended to keep an eye on the streaming platform's official networks if you are interested in participating.

It is known that they will choose 15 men and 15 women, as in other versionsThey will try to get to know each other for 10 days, then decide whether or not they agree to meet in person.

If they accept, The couple travels to a heavenly place to test their physical attraction, and then must live together and face the dilemmas that all couples face. Such as meeting and dealing with family and friends, paying bills, daily life, and others.

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At the end of the social experiment period, it is revealed whether the couples decided to stay together or took different paths. Because they couldn't get along.

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