The Windows 11 September update will be so big that it will be Windows 12 directly

Microsoft is already fully gearing up to bring about an almost unprecedented change with the 24-hour Windows 11 update, scheduled for September 2024. Speculation suggests that this novelty could be so massive that it leads the tech giant to rename it as Windows 12.

Leaked details indicate a heavy focus on AI and reveal the possibility of changing names, for example. Move from Windows 11 to Windows 12 officially Which left the community completely confused

With Hudson Valley internal code, Windows 11 24H2 build It promises not only performance and security improvements, but also the integration of new AI-powered functionstaking the capabilities of the co-pilot to another level.

Although once again clarifying that the name change to Windows 12 is still just a rumor, the general consensus is that whether it is true or not, there is no doubt that this update will be a turning point in the evolution of the popular operating system that further enhances PC hardware.

Whatever it's called, the big 2024 Windows Update will be a turning point

Regarding the news that is expected to arrive in September – Taking into account that there is still a lot to know – it is expected:

  • Machine learning will be leveraged to improve Snap Layouts by identifying which apps you use and automatically suggesting layouts for commonly used apps.
  • File Explorer is updated to offer more powerful image compression and editing tools.
  • The quick settings panel is overhauled for faster speed and more functionality, including VPN management.

Despite these major improvements, the truth is that society has gone crazy. Aside from the mentioned rumors, you can find quite the other side. According to Windows leaker Zac Bowden, Windows 12 will have to wait until at least 2025.

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The reason behind this, he explains. This could be to avoid further fragmentation of the Windows user base.

With only 28.6% of current Windows users moving to Windows 11 since its launch in October 2021 — just 400 million of the 1.4 billion current Windows users using the new operating system — the arrival of Windows 12 in 2024 could further complicate the situation.

Naturally, discussion is provided. However, one thing should be very clear that whether it is Windows 12 or an update to Windows 11, AI is here to stay and It seems interesting that in September of this year we will finally make a 180 degree turn regarding this operating system And users are finally taking the leap and ditching Windows 10.

We must remember that no matter how much talk about version 11 – or 12 -, Windows 10 is not dead Microsoft recently decided to reverse the decision to freeze new features coming to this operating system and is now adding new features, including, most importantly, Copilot.

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