The United Kingdom sacks the Russian Navy commander after “significant losses” in the Black Sea

British intelligence services consider it “highly likely” that Russian President Vladimir Putin has removed Navy Commander Nikolai Yevmenov from his post, a fact that has not been confirmed by the authorities but has been announced. As reported by many media outlets in recent days. British experts believe that the recent “major losses” suffered by the Black Sea Fleet, which was the target of several attacks, resulted in Yevmenov losing his position, who was to be replaced by Alexander Moiseev, commander of the Northern Fleet. Putin has already made several changes in key commands of the armed forces since he began the military invasion of Ukraine more than two years ago, and in Yevmenov's case, his departure came just days after the warship was destroyed. Sergei Kotov, the ninth ship lost in the region. British intelligence expects that the “first task” of the new commander in the Black Sea is to “stabilize the security situation,” as well as implement a series of changes that will improve “combat capacity” in a region of strategic importance for Russia. The interests of both parties, according to a report published today, Friday, by the British Ministry of Defense.

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