A future outlook towards innovation and medicine in the future

With the celebration last Tuesday in Madrid for the day 'Passionate about science and people', the company Novartis wanted to present its vision of the lines that would characterize biomedical innovation in the short term In search of solutions for patients in areas such as oncology, cardiology, neurology or immunology. The company is currently developing innovative medicines by leveraging its capabilities in Three advanced technology platforms have great therapeutic potential: gene and cell therapies, RNA technology, and radioligand (TRL) therapies. All of this adds to the company’s continuity of work on the two most established search platforms: Chemical and biological treatments.

From the hand of a biologist, PhD in biomedical biotechnology and science communication Ricardo Mori And experts like Dr. Jose Luis ZamoranoHead of the Cardiology Service at Ramon y Cajal Hospital, and Dr. Adolfo GomezHead of the Nuclear Medicine Department at October 12 Hospital, and the characteristics of these platforms that bring us closer to… A model of precision medicine with great transformative potential In the lives of patients and in the clinical practice of professionals.

Jesus Ponce“I like to think that what we are building here today, and everything we have been promoting at Novartis for 100 years in Spain, will become a legacy framed by values ​​such as innovation, integrity and collaboration, which will allow us to revolutionize health and change the lives of today’s generations,” said the President of Novartis Spain. And, above all, future generations.

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For this part, Esther Spinoza, The Director of Communications and Patient Relations at Novartis Spain, highlighted the collaborative aim of the meeting as “an evening that seeks to invite interaction between health professionals, and that demonstrates our desire to strengthen trust with the entire ecosystem: management, scientist groups, media and health organisations, especially With patients and the entities that represent them.

In parallel with the development of innovative treatments, there will be a key component of reimagining medicine Cooperation between the public and private sectors With the ecosystem. With a desire to delve deeper into this matter, the event presented a roundtable entitled “The Three Cs: United to Generate Commitment, Trust, and Collaboration for Impact,” moderated by calvinti birthday, Director of Corporate Relations for Novartis in Spain.

karina escobar, The head of the Patient Organizations Platform pointed out that the immediate challenges are the need for “progress in areas such as Effective participation of sick entities In health policies as well Training health and non-health professionals in communication skills Which encourages shared decision-making, especially in the doctor-patient relationship. In this way, we will contribute to the development of patient-centred models of care, while generating spaces of trust and safety that encourage patients to share responsibility for their health.

he Dr. Jose Maria de la Torre Hernandez“Strengthening cooperation within the ecosystem can also be key when it comes to raising awareness about diseases and their prevention,” he called, Vice President of the Spanish Society of Cardiology (SEC). On her part is the doctor Yolanda GilabertThe President of the Spanish Academy of Dermatology and Venereology noted, “If we implant… Links between health agents, “We will be able to move faster to reduce the stigma caused by these diseases, accelerate access to new treatment options, as well as increase the training of dermatologists, because all of this has a very significant impact on a large number of patients.”

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