Neither Britons in Spain nor Spaniards in the United Kingdom will vote in the European elections

Debbie Williams, a Welsh woman who has lived in Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium, and now lives in Spain, has a recommendation for anyone inclined to mimic “Brexit”: Don’t do it. After the 2016 referendum, he promoted Brixpats-Hear-Our-Voice, an organization that advocates for the rights of those caught up in the British decision trap.

His biggest current concern is that in thirteen European Union countries, as in the United Kingdom, there is a deadline for Britons to comply with residence legalization procedures. In France, Latvia, Luxembourg, Malta and the Netherlands it was also sold out on June 30. One concern is that complex issues such as nationality and the rights of adopted children will become irreversible.

There is no time limit in Spain because the government has adopted the standard of extending the validity of the alien’s registration certificate and gradually replacing it with the card that identifies the holder as the beneficiary of the withdrawal agreement.

bureaucratic procedure

It is a more bureaucratic procedure than in the UK, where there is no national identity document or immigration record, but it is comparable to other EU countries, according to Williams. As of June 30, 2020, there were 366,498 Britons with a registration certificate or residence card in Spain, according to government figures. Those applying for Spanish citizenship are required to renounce the British, since Spain, unlike the United Kingdom, does not accept dual citizenship. But it is a requirement that has no effect, because there is no procedure for renunciation of British citizenship.

When asked about the rights he lost, Williams first cites his right to vote in European elections. At Oíd Nuestra Voz, they are left without a forum in which those affected by Brexit and their organizations can “change the conversation about immigration”.

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