Konsett launched a call to SNI tyrants without warning

Without prior notice and without prior notice, the National Council for Science and Technology (CONASETLaunched last Thursday Call 2021 For members of the governing committees of national search system (SNi); What is dangerous, say the researchers, is the accelerated action of the convocation that the House will close next Tuesday, because there are only six days to vote, and they have not given it greater spread, giving way to discretionary appointment.

Brenda ValderramaThe researcher and head Morelos Academy of SciencesHe alerted this Sunday morning through his account Twitter About this new call, he says, “the door opens to the few votes being cast for mitigation, leaving the door open for the discretionary appointment of residents.”

This is the “Advisory for the Drafting of Proposals by Members of the Governing Committees of the National Scholars’ System”, issued last Thursday, 17 June by CONSET through the Executive Secretariat of the SNI, the Directorate of Scientific Advocacy and the SIN, and it notes that the Board is summoning existing SNI researchers “to cast a vote one for any of the qualified researchers or researchers, identified in the list corresponding to their field of knowledge”.

Brenda Valderrama, who has been very keen to analyze the changes that Conacyt has promoted for the SNI, on the new law on Trusts and on their extinction, among other topics of scientific and technological interest, asserts that at any moment it will be dangerous, “but now, when the standards change Retroactively, that could be devastating.”

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She points out that this call is no small thing because with the new regulations, which were approved contrary to the express opinion of researchers, nominees and level will not be evaluated by peer review committees. These second and third levels will be evaluated by researchers of the same level.

But unlike other years, says the third-level researcher, when the advisory forum launched the call to select representatives to committees, this year’s Congress launched a stealth call last Thursday and ends next Tuesday.

“It’s Sunday and we’re just finding out. That’s why it becomes necessary to organize ourselves to get candidates for the unit. We have little time, 72 hours but it’s possible. The really unfortunate thing is that it’s necessary,” asserts the researcher, adding that even voting for representatives in Level 2 Evaluation Committee “closed since yesterday” and that this Sunday and tomorrow Monday, it will only be possible to vote for representatives at Level 2. 3.

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Valderrama confirms, who started his Twitter thread by saying, “Colleagues, we are facing another unprecedented situation for SIN members,” and then gave an example of his case for participating in the vote.

“At my level, the system sends me a list of 2004 names, invalid, some of whom have already died and others retired, and none of them asked if I wanted to participate as a candidate. Not sending a single email since Thursday indicates a lack of interest,” Valderrama says.

The contact is posted on the Conacyt page and for consultation the link is given: https://votaciones.conacyt.mx , notes that it will publish the full results of the consultation no later than July 16, 2021, with “the names of the members of each of the Governing Committees selected by the General Council for the 2021-2023 fiscal year.”


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