Mexico, late in offers of benefits to workers

For the Mexican worker, his well-being is a priority, including his physical, financial and emotional health, as well as the enjoyment of flexibility on the part of the employer; However, there is a lag in this type of compensation in Mexico, specialists warn.

“Introducing wellness plans is a global trend, even though we’re a little behind in Mexico,” says Claudia Castro, retirement director at consultancy Willis Towers Watson.

He cautions that offering benefits to employees, such as healthcare, or organizing remote work, fuels the permanence of collaborators.

“Employees are usually attracted to interesting monetary compensation, but they are kept by everything they experience in the company, the environment, everything they are given,” Castro explains in an interview.

Among these types of benefits could be assistance in registering children, assistance in creating a budget, and cost reductions in medical consultations, for example.

He says multinational companies are considering these benefits as Should In your valuable offer to the employee.

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What does the Mexican worker want?

The priority for the Mexican worker is their well-being, and second is flexibility, according to information from Willis Towers Watson.

But in the case of hybrid schemes — which are part of corporate resilience — companies face different challenges, explains Claudia Castro, a spokeswoman for the consulting firm.

“Companies ask themselves, what day should I go, what day do I want employees to go, and which ones. Likewise, they question whether it is convenient for an employee to expose himself every day to transportation by carrying his computer equipment,” he explains. , citing questions that companies in Mexico hardly solve.

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In third place among the priorities of Mexican workers are listening strategies, which refer to everything related to being a listening employee, with forums to share experiences and feel included.

Castro noted that the future of work lies in meeting these needs and taking advantage of the benefits that will emerge as compensation for companies, such as increased productivity and motivation for the worker.

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