“Paddington in Peru” will be the title of the third most popular bear movie in the UK

“Paddington 3” already has a title: “Paddington in Peru”. The UK’s most popular bear returns to the land he saw “born”. I mentioned it The Hollywood Reporterwho also noted that the film already has a director: Dougal Wilson, who will make his big screen debut.

Filming will begin in 2023, and its main locations will be in Peru and London. Let’s remember that Paddington Bear She is a character from British children’s literature, whose fictional origin goes back to the jungles of Peru, but eventually reached the capital of England.

Paddington is Peruvian

In 1958, the story was published A bear named Paddington.Written by Michael Bond. This story tells of how the Brown family found the little bear hiding among the mail bags.

Little Bear told them he had come stealthily from the “dark forests of Peru” where he lived with his Aunt Lucy. He also wore a tag around his neck that read, “Please take care of this bear. Thank you.”

Now, we wonder if the film will tell us about Paddington’s early years in his homeland or if, on the contrary, it will focus on returning to the jungles of Peru.

Who will direct “Paddington in Peru”?

Dougal Wilson, Selected Director Paddington in PeruHe is known for directing commercials, and this will be his first film. He will be recommended by Paul King, who directed the previous two films and is currently filming Wonka, Part 1 of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

After ten years of working in films Paddington“I feel absurdly protective of the bear, and I’m glad Dougal is there to clutch his paw as he embarks on his third adventure on the big screen,” said Paul King.

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However, King will remain as executive producer, and he also wrote the story alongside Simon Farnaby and Mark Burton, collaborators on the early films. While the script is the work of Mark Burton, John Foster and James Lamont.

For his part, the new director commented that he admired the first films and that he gave them a great responsibility:

“As a huge fan of the first two films, I am very excited (if not a little scared) to continue the story of the first two films. Paddington. “It’s a huge responsibility, but all of my efforts will focus on making a third film that honors the love so many people have for this special bear,” said Dougal Wilson.

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