The repercussions of the Peruvian media after the defeat against Australia that left it without the World Cup: from disappointment to concern for the future of Gareca

Restrained, the Peruvian media explained Elimination of his team against Australia for the penultimate place of the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar. After the goalless draw and the penalty shootout, in which the goalkeeper shone Andrew Redmayne, Which contained the last shot, depicts the disappointment that the national team was at the gates of the World Cup.

The Inca sites broadcast the playoff between their team and the Soqueros team without much criticism. On the contrary, they recognized the effort of Bicolor, who after 120 minutes were one step away from playing the World Cup for the second time in a row and repeating what was achieved in Russia 2018, when they returned to the top after 36 years, after participating in Spain 1982.

“Peru loses the play-off against Qatar 2022 on penalties,” he said. trade. “The dream is over,” he said. “Peru lost on penalties and will not go to Qatar.” Republic. “Peru will not participate in the World Cup,” he said. “Australia won on penalties and qualified for Qatar 2022.” PT. “Alex Valera was unable to score a penalty kick and Peru lost the play-off in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar,” he said. Mail.

While the sports portals deepened the panorama and also focused on the future of the coach Ricardo Garecaaccording to the case All sportsOn its cover, there are four notes from the tiger in the top five news stories. It is the future that generates the future of Argentine DT high hopes in Peru since the Inca team regained prominence under his leadership. Former strategist at Vélez Sarsfield, Independiente and Talleres de Córdoba among other clubs I speak when asked about its continuity.

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All live media have followed the anti-Australians definition alternatives, and the public has gathered en masse to live the meeting since local authorities decreed administrative leave for public activity and allowed private companies to actually join the action. The meeting was at 1:00 pm local time.

It was a tough, tough match, typical of a final where anyone could have been. The ability of some of the Inca translators against the physical game imposed by the Australians could not. Both teams put in a lot of effort despite the heat, and at the conclusion, already in extra time, Peru demonstrated its decision to avoid the selection from the twelve steps and went in search of victory and even hit the post. Unlike qualifying for Russia 2018, when I left New Zealand on the road, this time I left Peru and Australia for the second time left a South American team on the road, as they did with Uruguay for Germany 2006.

What comes to Peru first is to see if Gareca is renewing his contract with the Peruvian Federation. Then they begin their preparations for the 2026 World Cup qualifiers, which will be held in The United States, Mexico, and Canada and ratings from Will start in March 2023. Tentative dates are 10 dates between March and November, with the plan set to begin for 2024 with the League of Nations in South America.

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