Dr Andres Castañeda Prado, the new Basic Sciences Coordinator for the Bachelor of Surgeons programme

Dr. Andres Castañeda Prado She was appointed by Dr. Ana Carolina Sepulveda Veldosola Basic Sciences Coordinator for the Medical Surgeon Degree.


He is a surgeon MSc in Medical Social Sciences with a specialization in Health Management and Policy and MSc in Behavioral Economics. PhD candidate in Health Management and Policy from UNAM.

He is Professor at the National Autonomous University of Mexico And Diploma Coordinator “Behavioural Economics, Health and Social Security” at UNAM. He is a founding member of the CUS movement, AC.

He worked as a consultant on many projects related to public health and hospital management. Hold a position Advisor to the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Prevention and Health Promotion at the Federal Ministry of Health; He is a consultant for health and well-being projects at Nosotroxs, AC, Work on advocacy issues related to the right to healthIn particular those related to doctors' rights to training, health inequalities, and effective access to medicines.

Before assuming his new responsibility, he held the position of Research area coordinator in the Department of Public Health From UNAM Faculty of Medicine.

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