Mexico and Colombia agree on electronic passenger registration

A press statement said that the agreement comes within the spirit of strengthening the brotherly relationship between Mexico and Colombia, as well as increasing tourism and trade exchange between the two countries, and achieving the goal of facilitating entry and reducing cases of non-acceptance. Of Colombian citizens, they travel to this nation.

The text states that the electronic travel pre-registration system will make it easier for the authorities, both in the field of immigration and security, to exercise more precise and systematic control with the aim of achieving a safer flow of people between Mexico and Colombia.

He explained that it was agreed in the roadmap to implement the following processes and meetings: Implementation of an electronic system of pre-registration by Mexico to facilitate the entry process for Colombian citizens, and in any case inform those who will be before the trip. Unacceptable.

Promote the exchange of information on security issues using existing databases, platforms and mechanisms.

On the initiative of the Vice President and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Colombia, Marta Lucia Ramirez, both countries will seek to enhance the information provided to travelers in non-entry situations in order to avoid harm.

The parties held the Third Bilateral Working Table on the Admission Process and the Second Review and Acceptance Process in Mexico City to review progress on this roadmap, the note adds.

Finally, the two governments reiterated their commitment to provide dignified and respectful treatment to each other’s visitors at all times, ensure access to consular assistance and prevent harm to citizens of both countries who are affected when they are not admitted.

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Authorities from the National Institute of Migration, the National Intelligence Center, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Directorate General of Consular Services and the Mexican Embassy in Colombia participated on behalf of the Mexican delegation.

The Colombian delegation included representatives from the Department of State, the Directorate of Immigration and Consular Affairs, the Citizens Service, and the America and Colombia Directorate of Immigration.

The talks were led by the Under Secretary for Latin America and the Caribbean, Maximiliano Reyes Zuniga, and Juan Guillermo Castro, Deputy Minister of the Office.

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