Meridia expands its team to manage 1500 million

Merida Capital Partners managing director will expand its team by integrating Hector Serrat as a new partner, with the goal of doubling assets under management in the next two years to 1,500 million euros. The director, whose shareholder and president is Javier Faus, now has 28 employees and offices in Barcelona and Madrid.

Serrat will join Director in January from Varde Partners, where he is Director of Spain, brings 20 years of investment banking experience and will become Meridia’s fourth partner. In addition to Voss, there are Partners Christina Badis, as Head of Investor Relations and Corporate Development, and Victor Iborra, Head of Investments who promotes the partner. The company has also set up an investment committee that has been joined by Juan Barba, who has left his executive duties, and Bertrand Schwab, a British man with more than 30 years of experience in the UK, France and Spain, in companies such as Patron Capital and Velo.

It is incorporating Hector Serrat as a partner and will focus only on the real estate sector

Meridia strengthens its team to drive the growth of your business. Christina Badis explained that in the first stage the company wants to promote its Glamping program, which combines camp site investment and management with a scalable platform. Born into the Meridia 4 fund, this program will become a standalone fund. “We are already in contact with investors with the aim of raising between 250 and 350 million euros and launching the fund in the first quarter of next year,” he added.

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The director is also preparing to launch a new real estate fund, Merida 5, which, like previous funds, will focus on “value-added” investments, as the company manages real estate to increase its value. Badis explained that the new fund is expected to have a capital of between 400 and 500 million euros, compared to 250 million acquired by Merida 4, and 220 million from the third fund, which is now in the process of withdrawing investment. “It is a natural escalation of our activity, after fifteen years of gaining the trust of major international institutional investors,” Badis explained. The director counts among the investors insurance companies, pension funds, and other managers from countries such as the United States, Japan, the United Kingdom, Finland or Israel.

Meredia, which is in the process of liquidating its private equity fund, plans to focus on real estate investing going forward. Our activity private equity And he concluded that we’re directing it toward new products, like this hybrid which is Meridia Glamping.”

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