15th Anniversary of the Villa de Leyva International Film Festival: 15th Anniversary of the Villa de Leyva International Film Festival | Tonga

according to Philip van Heisenhoven, one of the directors of this cultural space Which seeks not only to show selected films from different countries of the world, but also to awaken the taste and knowledge of audiovisual production, said that this festival in its fifteenth edition will be almost open.

“In this special edition, plazas, parks, museums and venues will be visited, demonstrating an authentic, independent and precarious commitment to independent cinema, with Feature films, medium-length films, short fiction films, documentaries, animation, children’s cinema, family cinema, all from countries such as: France, Spain, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, USA, Venezuela, Argentina. Brazil, Paraguay, Germany, China, Hungary, Netherlands, Republic of Korea, Russia, Togo, Chile, Uruguay, United Kingdom, Singapore, Italy, Japan, Albania, Israel Puerto Rico, Belgium, Australia, Cuba, Norway and Colombia,” continued the dialogue with Radio Caracol van Heisenhoven.

He added that there are spaces for children and young people, for the purpose of introducing the theory of cinema, and all its resources, history and new trends.

On the other side, van Heissenhoven noted that at night, young and old would be taught how to make a scene from a movie, to the rhythm of Karanga, the music of a peasant boyaca.

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