McDonald’s bets on vegan burgers

McDonald’s is betting on a new product This will make vegetarians and vegans happy. The fast food company will bring Mc Planet’s meatless burger to hundreds of locations around the world, and it will be served in February 14.

The company stated that McPlant was developed with the company that makes alternative meat foods Beyond Meat It will be sold in 600 stores. Initially it will be distributed in San Francisco and Dallas metropolitan areas.

McDonald’s is betting on vegan products

This is a major expansion for McPlant, which was introduced last November to eight locations in Texas, Iowa, Louisiana and California.

Testing in the final months of 2021 helped the company determine how the vegan option would transform kitchen operations. He added that showing the product on a larger scale will help him to understand the demand among customers.

After taking the test weeks ago, Chicago-based chain of restaurants I decided not to provide information on the results obtained when it was released, or if the recipe used would contain modifications.

What is in a veggie burger from McDonald’s?

McPlant burger consists of Peas, rice and potatoesAmong the other components. McDonald’s has been the fast food brand that has taken the longest to launch the vegan option In its list, more than its competitors.

Vegetarian burger in fast food outlets

Burger King introduced the Impossible Whopper in 2019. A burger that Beyond Meat competitor, Impossible Foods, made along the same lines a year later, Starbucks A breakfast sandwich made with sausage fired is impossible.

Separately, in early 2022, Kentucky Fried Chicken announced that it would expand Beyond Meat vegetable chicken tenders nationwide.

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Back in 2019, McDonald’s tried the Beyond Meat burger, called PLT, but later pulled it off the menu. Last year, McPlant began offering in several European marketssuch as Sweden, Denmark and the United Kingdom.

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