VeganUry contains “a year older than its history” with more than 600,000 inscriptions


The organization that bears her name revealed that this year there are more people who will never accept the challenge of Mungri.

Vegetarian, World Organization that encourages people to experience a vegan diet During January, he says he has “reached a new milestone” with about 610,000 people taking part in the 2022 event.

This number exceeds a total of 580,000 participants last year worldwide.

Vegetarian says enrollment in 2022 is “still going strong,” so this year’s number is expected to rise.

The organization claims that “hundreds” of new vegan products have been launched this month, including Kentucky Fried Chicken’s vegan chicken burger which has made a permanent return to the fast food chain’s menu, and McDonald’s has made the Mc Planet burger available in all of its UK restaurants and burgers King who launched the first nuggets From vegetarian “chicken” from the UK.

Celebrities such as Dr. Jane Goodall, Joanna Lumley and Venus Williams backed this year’s campaign.

“Vegetarian’s mission is to make the world a kinder, safer and happy place for all, making the January campaign completely irresistible,” Lumley said in a statement. “I am in awe of everyone involved in the weather, our rivers, oceans, forests, wild places, animals, and people.”

The reflector from Dragon’s Den, Deborah Meaden, is one of the official ambassadors for Vegetarian 2022 and emphasized that they carry diet Helped plants to “change my way into eating.”

“Now my discipline is best for the animals, the planet and me. If it climate crisisMaiden added that the suffering of animals or the loss of sites and wild species matters to you and registering, sharing and letting help you greatly.”

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“It is very exciting to celebrate the greatest vegetarian product in history when there are two weeks from January, but this is not surprising.” As more people realize the incredible influence they have food elections in the health of our planet, positions towards plant feed They are changing and so is our diet.”

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