Mass protests in Brazil against Bolsonaro and his handling of the epidemic

For the second day in a row, thousands of people took to the streets in Brazil on Saturday to protest Jair Bolsonaro’s government’s response to the pandemic, when the country passed 500,000 deaths from COVID-19.

Mobilization took place in the capital, Brasilia, and in other large cities. They have been summoned by social movements and political opposition parties demanding Bolsonaro’s dismissal They criticize its administration’s delay in acquiring vaccines, its resistance to measures to contain the disease, and its recognition of the seriousness of the matter. Recently, the president claimed That getting the coronavirus is the most effective way to get immunized.

“We protest against the genocidal government of Bolsonaro that did not buy vaccines and didn’t do anything to take care of his people last year,” a participant told the agency. “Half a million reasons to oust Bolsonaro” can be read on a poster from a protester in downtown São Paulo.

With 2,301 deaths And adds the South American country in the past 24 hours 500800 dead Since the beginning of the health crisis that the United States has not surpassed globally. only 11.45% Of its population (24.2 million) who have received two doses of the vaccine and 29.61% so far the first, according to Information From government health departments collected by UOL broker.

Brazil experienced a second wave of infections in April after that the recorder More than 4,000 deaths a day, a record number of deaths. More than 60% of deaths in the country have occurred since the beginning of 2021 and it appears that Brazil is currently dealing with a third waveموجة As the statistics indicate.

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at most Latest NewsletterThe Brazilian scientific foundation Fundación Oswaldo Fiocruz described the situation as الوضع “Very critical” The situation is likely to worsen in the coming weeks. The occupancy rate in intensive care units remains very worrying, and the “renewed trend of the epidemic” warns that the greatest risk at this time is among the youngest. The foundation stressed that it is necessary to promote the need to wear face masks and maintain social distance, as the state “cannot promote appropriate vaccination coverage for younger age groups”.

(taken from RT in Spanish)

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