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Valencia town Swedish This will host the next Sunday, June 20 classic rice, It is a women’s cycling event that will bring together more than 350 cyclists Arrivals from all over the country and outside our borders. And that is that they have already confirmed their participation even cyclists Fifteen nationalities: Spain, Italy, Romania, Paraguay, Netherlands, United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, Portugal, Mexico, Colombia and Lithuania.

Rice Classic will be suitable for Spanish Women’s Cup, the competition protected by the Royal Spanish Cycling Federation (RFEC) which, in addition to Sueca, has other venues such as Beasain, Balmaseda, Valladolid or Pontevedra. Mayor of Sueca, Dimas Vasquez, sports advisor to the Swedish city council, Celia Beltran, President of Peña Ciclista Sueca, Julian Size, Present evidence to the media.

The The Classic of Rice is 17’7 km long With departure and arrival at Avenida del Teular, it will run entirely through the municipality of Sueca. One of the features of the test, which makes it unique throughout Spain, is that it contains 4’8 kilometers off the ground, among rice fields, which will test the cyclists’ technique and skill. The rest of the circuit will be 12.9 km long on asphalt, combining wide sections and narrow sections. Another factor to consider that can strengthen races is the wind, which usually blows hard in an area completely devoid of buildings that allow shelter.

Classic Rice will consist of Three races are independent of each other. At nine in the morning it will be your turn students, They will complete two laps To the circuit for assembly 35’4 km.

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Next round starts from Ten thirty, You will be booked in juniors and masters, Who will go about three times to complete 53’1 km.

Finally, the test Elite y sub-23 Morning cycling will be closed from 12:30. Cyclists will have to do five laps on the circuit and add 88.5 km.

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The Mayor of Sueca, Dimas Vázquez, expressed its satisfaction that the city will once again host a national sporting event “and also with an exclusive role for women”. “There is a lot of talk about equal opportunities for men and women. From the field of sport, many advances can also be made and the Clàssica de l’arròs on Sunday will be a good example. The best national and international cyclists in Sueca will be competing for some unique venues, which are our pride. Which we must show the world,” Vasquez said.

“The sports department is always on the side of the athletes, as well as the local clubs that provide us with viable and useful projects for Sueca. One of our goals is to give a vision to our athletes and with the Clàssica de l’arròs we will achieve it. In addition, on Sunday we will have the incentive to have three cyclists from Sueca , one in each race. It’s time to go support them all, but especially student Anna Quintero, Ms. 30 Cinta Sancho and Sub 23 Sarah Bonello, the three Swedes who I’m sure will do great with,” he noted. Celia Beltran, Mayor of Sports.

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Finally, the Swedish Cycling Club President Julian SaezThank you to the foundations, companies and all volunteers who will make a unique event in Spain possible on Sunday. “The sum of the many commandments is what will allow us to celebrate a test that will not leave anyone indifferent. In Spain we are used to mountain biking and live with our backs on another classic cycling deeply rooted in countries like Belgium, Holland, Italy or France. It will be Clàssica de l’arròs are very demanding and the winner of each Tour will be a very complete cyclist.”We want to show that a track without unevenness can be as tough and eclectic as a high mountain stage,” said Saez.

All exams on Sunday can be followed by broadcasting through the official profile of Classic rice on Facebook.


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