Mario Hamoy, National Prize for Exact Sciences presents his new book, Journey to the Big Bang, in which he explains the origins of the universe

In a new chapter of Rockstars, talk to driver Gabriel Lyon Mario Hamoythe National Prize for Exact Sciences, an astronomer, academic, and popularizer of science, who referred to his new book, “Journey to the Big Bang,” which chronicles the origins and evolution of the universe.

Before going into details about the work of his new book, Mario Hamoy did not miss the opportunity to discuss one of James Webb’s latest discoveries, the largest and most powerful space telescope in existence to date, through which NASA this week published its first captured telescope. The images, showing images of Jupiter, stellar nurseries, and newborn stars, among other wonders of the universe.

In these shocking images of the universe, Mario Hamoy explained it “It is fascinating and of great scientific value and everything went perfectly. The images show water vapor on an exoplanet (an exoplanet), with great detail and accuracy, it was able to measure the water vapor signature.”

As Mario Hamoy explains, these kinds of discoveries are the first step to being able to explore more of the universe. “This opens the door for James Webb to target smaller Earth-like planets so that he can examine the atmosphere of water and other molecules associated with biological activity.”. Another advantage of this discovery is that the question that has haunted humanity for thousands of years can now be scientifically addressed, which is whether or not there is life on other planets.

Along the same lines, Hamoy provided details about his new book, Journey to the Big Bang, which chronicles the origins and evolution of the universe through various scientific discoveries made in recent years. The basis for this new book is the study by Mario Hamoy that focused on cosmology, It is the study of the universe on a large scale. By studying supernovae, I devoted myself to measuring the expansion of the universe, which led me into cosmology.”

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The impetus for writing this new work is the layman, the doubts and concerns he might have in the Big Bang and all the information that exists about this theory that explains how the universe expanded from a small point to where we are now “I think the layman should be wondering what the Big Bang is and why astronomers came up with such a crazy theory. This book fulfills that purpose, in simple language that finds out where that theory is and what its consequences are.”

This book, A Journey to the Big Bang presents a kind of autobiographical account of the universe, through which Mario Hamoy documents an exciting journey to the beginning of all we know, in an attempt to construct a history of the universe based on existing documentation.

With this work, readers are expected to “You could start by answering scientifically the question: Where do we humans come from?” To delve into the work of Mario Hamoy, through TXS Plus Social Networks, we will be presenting a copy of Journey to the Big Bang, for all those who wish to embark on this journey through the history of the universe.

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