Regional exports grow by 22% and approach 6000 million euros through May

The number of exports from the Murcia region totaled 5,966 million euros during the first five months of 2022, which This is a 22 percent increase compared to the same period in 2021. In terms of imports, the figure was 1,843 million euros, compared to 852 million the previous year.

The Minister of Business, Valle Migueles, highlighted “the good numbers that the region has had for another month, which, despite the current situation, The health crisis situation and the Russian invasion of Ukrainemanaged to increase its exports and imports, and it also ranks fourth in the national exporting province, by 3.83 percent, behind Barcelona, ​​Madrid and Valencia.”

Exports of non-energy products increased by 22 percent in May, with sales of 1,050 million euros Imports amounted to 667.35 million euros (compared to about 400 million in the previous year), with a coverage rate of 157.35 per cent.

by products, Significant increases between years, in January-May, for fuels and lubricants, by 36.07 percent more; chemical products, 37.68 percent more; Other unprocessed products 65.59% more; and containers and packaging, increased by 29.65 per cent more.

All economic sectors grew in the first five months of the year. Old There have been increases in consumer goods (32.49%), industrial products and technology (32.23%), agri-food products (13.04%) and the beverage sector (9.5%).

The number of companies that carried out export operations in the territory in May reached 2,089, up 2.1 percent from May 2021.

France and Germany were the two countries that topped the regional product customer rankings. A . was exported to France 37.2 percent compared to the first five months of 2021Germany has about 20 percent. In the UK, the number of exports increased by 5.3 per cent.

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The main destinations of the region’s exports were outside the European Union Morocco, UK, USA and China. Total exports to these destinations during the first five months of the year were around 2,472 million.

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