“Many foreign visitors have been deceived” – Publimetro Chile

There was nothing surprising in the recommendation he made to British tourists traveling to Chile Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO). They were told to be careful about common taxi scams.

The government website advises travelers from the UK to Chile to beware of scams. “Many foreign visitors have been defrauded out of large sums of money by unlicensed taxi drivers, including airport taxis.” Determine.

the FCDO He explained that one common way to defraud tourists is by pretending to be licensed taxi drivers. Some of these people can be found in the airport arrivals hall “wearing formal-looking ties and jackets.” These can easily fool tourists coming to the country.

Therefore, the advice is for tourists to insist on knowing how much they will be charged before handing over their card and to check the charges at credit card machines before paying.

Moon He points out that according to information from the Carabineros of the Police Investigation Department of the 27th International Airport Police Station, he so far maintains investigation orders with positive results, identifying those responsible for defrauding tourists.

From 2023 to date, a total of 54 complaints related to passenger transportation fraud have been registered.

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