A Netflix documentary about cyberbullying

Although it may seem like the title of a youth series or movie, it is behind Will you keep a secret? One of the latest cases in the criminal field in the United Kingdom has been hidden.

Because this documentary directed by Tash Gaunt lets the world know the history of… British cyberstalker Matthew Hardy How it disrupted the lives of dozens of women.

What he does in two chapters produced by the production company Mindhouse in cooperation with… The Guardian newspaperwas one of the first to cover the incident.

Will you keep a secret? | Netflix

Which is now part of Netflix and its true crime division Intense and complete story Which revives the Hardy case through testimony Three of his victims.

the Little English girls Abby, Zoe and Leah Who bravely face the cameras to share with the public the real nightmare they began to live a few years ago.

Starting with Zoe, who in 2018 received a message from a fellow model and a week later from a photographer He asked him: Do you keep the secret?.

Hardy's name appears

Will you keep a secret? | Netflix

This particular question was also repeated in the messages that Lia and Abby received on social networks on the same date, in The beginning of your nightmare.

on condition There were many texts about them and their families.Friends and close friends, many are defamatory, where someone impersonates them through fake profiles.

The matter continued for weeks until the young women decided to go to the police in their areas. Without getting a positive responseas we saw in the conclusion of the first chapter.

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Will you keep a secret? | Netflix

However, before that conclusion, the moment Zoe found a name Suspicious Person: Matthew Hardywho was already convicted of piracy.

But here it also arises Kevin Anderson's charactera Cheshire police officer who was to investigate an attack on Hardy's house, but found something else about him.

And so I discovered the already existing accusations of harassment against Matthew on social media and began to investigate them, as a first step to finally getting to the bottom of it Up to his punishment.

Which closes the second broadcast that is also showing Painful youth From one of the biggest cyberbullying operations in the UK, and perhaps the world, to date.

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