The “Women and Girls in Science” conference was held in Okro Chetumal

Within the framework of the “International Day of Women and Girls in Science”, the Autonomous State University of Quintana Roo (Uqroo) held this Tuesday, February 20, “Women and Girls in Science” event At the Chetumal Bahia Campus.

The headquarters of “Women and Girls in Science” was the Aula Magna Uno “Dr. María Lourdes Castillo Villanueva”, where after the opening the book “Women Who Shine, From Girl to Scientist”, written by Dr. María Magdalena Vásquez González and teacher Ana, was presented Bertha Jimenez Castro.

Dr. Maria Magdalena Vasquez Gonzalez pointed this out Women Shine, From Girl to Scientist is a collection of 22 storiesand was implemented in collaboration with researchers at the Chetumal Unit El Colegio de la Frontera Sur (Ecosur), the Polytechnic University of Bacalar, the José María Morelos Intercultural University of Maya, and the Autonomous University of the State of Quintana Roo.

She pointed out that the book contains the narrations of 22 women since they were children and the path they took to achieve the goal of studying science and becoming research scientists.

The idea is to tell them how we were girls.that we were also children, even though we now look older and what interested us when we were children and how we got involved in that scientific work, and then we get to where we are now, what we do, and the problems that some of us may have faced that we had to move forward and how solve them, and above all also about the contributions that each of us has made to science.

He added that it is about stimulating girls' interest in science, and teaching them that if they are able to dream of it, they can achieve it. There will always be people who tell them that it is not possible and advise them not to insist, but they should not. Pay attention and let each one follow his path, which, no matter how complicated it may seem, is his dream and life goal, and therefore he will achieve it.

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During the morning and afternoon, Workshops and dynamics have also been developed, among them, “The World of Insects”, “How are organic fertilizers produced?”, “What is in a drop of water?”, “Where do manatees live?” and “What are fossils?”

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